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What is the best kind of Swimming Pool Solar Cover? Blue or Clear?

May 29, 2008

A swimming pool solar cover is a cheap and efficient way to heat your swimming pool. Let the sun heat your pool water for free! With thousands of tiny bubbles, these swimming pool covers trap the sun’s heat on your pool water. A swimming pool solar cover keeps the heat from rising off your pool as fast. Another huge benefit of using a solar cover is its ability to slow water evaporation. Water evaporation is a big reason for heat and chemical loss.

Blue solar covers are more economical to purchase. The plastic of this cover is a little thinner than our clear solar covers and don’t let as much sunlight pass though to your water.

Our MagniClear swimming pool solar covers are 14mil. Clear swimming pool solar covers allow more sunlight to pass through to the water and since they are a little thicker, they should provide more insulation. They are heavier than a blue cover, so you need a high quality reel if you have a large pool.

At, you’ll find plenty of sizes at cheap prices.

We have cheap inground swimming pool solar covers and swimming pool solar covers for round and oval above ground pools.


Royal Entrance Steps by Lumio Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps

May 28, 2008

The Royal Entrance Above Ground Swimming Pool Step features a clean, beautiful look in an easy-to-install design. This step is made from rugged polymer that requires no sand bags, which can be hard to put in and even harder to remove in the fall. The Royal Entrance has skid-resistant steps for sure-footed use and will fit either a 48” or 52” deep pool. New side barriers prevent children from becoming trapped underneath the step and make it compliant with all safety codes. Durable polymer handles make getting into and out of the pool a snap for the young and the old.

We offer an optional 4’x5′ protective pad. For pools without decks, add the available ladder attachment kit. The Royal Entrance can hold up to 350 lbs. and measures 43” high x 34” wide x 42” deep. 1-Year Warranty. Ships via truckline.

At we have all the cheap swimming pool steps and ladders you need.

How to Automatically and Easily Clean Swimming Pool Filter with the Blaster

May 28, 2008

Plug your garden hose in to the Blaster Automatic Pool Filter Cleaner for the easy way to clean your swimming pool filter.

3 models to fit pool filters up to 24″

Super Slope Inflatable Swimming Pool Slide by SportsStuff

May 28, 2008

This thing is AWESOME!!!!! How cool is this??

The Super Slope Inflatable Swimming Pool Slide is made by SportsStuff, one of the leading manufacturers for heavy duty inflatables.
Your kids will have a blast with this high quality rugged inflatable swimming pool slide. The Super Slope comes with a sprinkler that hooks up to your garden hose to keep the slide super slippery. Super Slope is made from a two layer PVC and nylon tarpaulin material that is very durable and able to withstand the worst your kids can dish out. The rear of the slide has rope ladders for easy access.

  • Inflated Height: 56 inches
  • Inflated Length: 102 inches
  • Inflated Width: 70 inches
  • 225 Pound Weight Limit
  • The RoboKleen is an Automatic Robotic Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner

    May 28, 2008

    The Robo Kleen by Smartpool is an economical robot swimming pool cleaner for aboveground pools. Don’t let the cheap price on this pool cleaner fool you, this thing is a powerhorse!!

    This fully automatic above ground pool cleaner has a self-contained filtration system so it will not clog up your pump and filter. Since it filters the water as well as cleans your pool, it can also cut chemical costs and electricity expense. Just drop this robotic dynamo into your pool, plug it in, and away it goes – cleaning the pool floor with no hoses to connect or wrestle with! The Robo Kleen automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner utilizes its own internal computer to clean any above-ground pool, and then shuts itself off when the job is done.

    The unit is entirely safe as it uses a 24 volt motor and is UL-listed. Its fine mesh filter bag can capture the tiniest particles, even algae and bacteria. Robo Kleen’s soft wheels provide traction on any vinyl liner – flat, dished, or foot-printed. The unit comes complete with a 40-foot cord.

    Where can you buy the Lumio 5005 Wedding Cake Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps Cheap?

    May 20, 2008

    At Mega Pool and Spa we sell pool steps at discount prices.  You’ll find  the best steps and the best prices everyday shipped direct to your house.


    GET IN AND OUT OF YOUR POOL THE EASY WAY! This rugged high quality step combines easy function with good looks! Durable slip-resistant polyethylene construction withstands heavy use and the sun’s harmful rays. Unique wedding cake design provides a wide angle for entry and exit from the pool. The sturdy handle and graceful curves of this step make it a beautiful addition to any pool. Redesigned with a first step ballast container makes installation in the spring and removal in the fall a snap. Simply fill the detachable top step with sand and lock it back into the step. Remove the top step ballast in the fall and step removal is simple. No more underwater dives to pull sandbags from behind the step. The step measures 43” high x 57” wide x 44” deep. 350 lb. capacity.

    This aboveground pool step is popular for homeowners that have an above ground swimming pool with a deck.

    We offer an optional step pad protector and two ladder attachments for pools without decks. Our classic ladder with safety flip up feature and our deluxe ladder enclosure that passes all local codes for safety. For flat bottom pools only.

    What is Wall Foam for Above ground swimming pools and how do you put it on?

    May 20, 2008

    Gladon Pool Products makes a lot of quality products for your above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement job.

    When you replace your pool liner, you should consider floor padding such as Happy Bottom Pool Pad to make the pool floor nice and comfortable to add a layer of cushion and protect the bottom of the pool.  Swimming Pool Cove sticks are placed at the bottom of the pool wall to protect the pool frame from the weight of the water.  But, don’t forget about the walls…..

    Gladon also makes a product called “Waveless Wall Foam”.

    The Above Ground Swimming Pool Wall Foam that we sell makes your swimming pool walls nice and smooth.   Another benefit of using wall foam is that it creates a little bit of insulation to keep heat from escaping your pool water temperature.

    The wall foam is 1/8″ thick, 48″ tall, and comes in several sizes.  At, we have great prices on 65 , 75, 85, and 100 foot lengths.

    Our Wall Foam is flat, high quality, and easy to apply.   With the Gladon Foam Bond Adhesive Spray, you can bond the wall foam to swimming pool walls and almost any surface; including concrete and wood.  The foam bond comes in a aerosol can with a  high volume spray nozzle.  The blue foam lets you see where you’ve sprayed it and is easy to clean.

    To learn how to change your swimming pool liner and what products you need to buy, please visit Mega Pool and Spa.

    I heard there are combination kits you can buy to play basketball and volleyball in your swimming pool.

    May 19, 2008

    That’s right!!  No longer is the pool only used for laps!!!

    At, we sell combo kits that let you play basketball and volleyball in your swimming pool.  At our website, you’ll find the cheapest price on the internet for you to buy swimming pool games.

    We have swimming pool basketball and volleyball kits for inground pools .  We also have the Swimline Pool Jam kit for above ground swimming pools.

    Just want a swimming pool basketball hoop?  We got one we can deliver to you for less than $100!

    Or check this out, the Cool Jam Adjustable Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

    Do I need to use an air pillow with an above ground swimming pool winter cover?

    May 18, 2008

    An “air pillow” is a common accessory when closing your aboveground swimming pool for the fall and winter months.  When you close your pool, you need to cover your pool with a winter pool cover.

    An air pillow is placed under the cover in the center of the pool.  The pillow raises the center of the cover and gives you two benefits.  First, rainwater and snowmelt would not puddle in the center of the cover, making it easier for you to get the standing water off your pool.  Also, the air pillow should help protect your pool walls because the freezing water as it expands and contracts would push up against the air pillow instead of your pool walls.

    Our above ground pool covers can withstand normal water settling on the center of the pool cover, so it’s not necessary to get an air pillow to simply keep the water off the center of the cover. sells cheap winter air pillows for above ground in various sizes.

    What is Pool Cove and do I need to use it when replacing a swimming pool liner?

    May 18, 2008

    Peel and Stick Pool Cove for Above Ground Pools is an important step when you change or put in an above ground swimming pool liner.

    Pool cove keeps the vinyl liner in place on the bottom of the walls. Without cove, the weight of the water can push the liner against the wall causing stress to the pool itself or under the frame.

    In the past, people had to use sand or dirt to build up the area. This is labor intensive and the dirt can easily washout leaving you with a liner failure. Gladon solves this problem with their Peel N Place Pool Cove. The swimming pool cove is made from a foam like material and has a tacky adhesive backing so you can stick the cove in place.

    The cove is economical, lightweight, flexible, and easy to install.

    Click here to learn How To Install Swimming Pool Cove

    At, we have the cheapest price on the internet for all your above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement accessories.