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Gorilla Pad is Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner Floor Protection Padding

February 26, 2008

The Gorilla Pad is sold in the above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement section of our website,

This floor liner protects your pool from grass, roots, nutgrass, glass, sharp objects, etc from poking up and cutting the bottom of your swimming pool liner.

The Gorilla Padding is a thin, white felt material that is very tough to tear or cut and is one of the most popular ways to prevent leaks from the bottom of your pool.

When you replace your above ground pool liner, you simply lay this geotextile out over your sand. The pad is cut to your pool size. Spread the Gorilla Pad out the best you can and continue the liner replacement.

Please visit for prices and protect the bottom of your above ground swimming pool today.


Swimming Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps

February 20, 2008

The brutally cold weather is about to pass and we can start to  think about getting in our pool pretty soon.  But, unless you’re a member of The Polar Club, the water might still be too cold for you.  Well, not to worry, just heat it.

A swimming pool heater is a simple way for you to start swimming earlier in the year and keep your pool open past the summer season.  Heaters or heat pumps are placed after your pool pump and filter system.

At we sell swimming pool heaters for the do it yourself homeowner and contractors.  We offer easy to install heater and heat pumps for above ground pools and inground swimming pool heaters.

  1. Swimming pool heaters are powered by either natural gas or propane.
  2. Swimming pool heat pumps run off electricity.
  3. Solar heaters have a series of grids that you place on the ground or on your roof and the sun heats the water.

We carry name brands such as Jandy, MiniVolt, Sta-Rite, and Aqua Pro.

Each system has advantages and disadvantages.  Please visit our site to learn more about our products and buy a cheap swimming pool heater.

How Swimming Pool Solar Blankets Covers Work

February 18, 2008

A Swimming pool solar blanket is a simple way to keep the heat in your swimming pool water.

Lay the blanket out with the bubble side on the water; the smooth side up.   Allow the blanket to expand and then you can trim to size of your pool with a pair of scissors.  If you have a solar blanket reel, you can simply roll the cover up when not in use.

When you place the solar tarp on the water, the sun passes through the blanket and heats the water.  The air bubbles of the solar blanket act as a insulator and trap the heated pool water from escaping.

The solar blanket helps prevent water evaporation which can save you money on chemicals and the amount of time you run your swimming pool heater.

Our swimming pool solar blankets come in two different styles and we offer them in many sizes for above ground and inground swimming pools.

The standard blue solar blanket is our most economical cover.  The clear solar blankets allow more sunlight to pass through the to water and are slightly thicker  than the blue.

It is recommended to leave the solar blanket on the pool when the pool is not in use, on cloudy days, and windy areas.

Please visit our site and buy a swimming pool solar blanket today.

Where To Buy Cheap Above Ground Swimming Pools

February 15, 2008

We just brought in a lot of new steel and resin above ground swimming pools for this season. You can buy cheap and discount above ground swimming pools here. We have four different models to fit your budget.

These new above ground swimming pools are easy to assemble for the average do it yourself homeowner. To make it easy, the manufacturer provides detailed instructions and a dvd.

At, we sell cheap pool liners and all the accessories you need to help with the pool installation.  We also have great package deals on the pump and filter system , and the pool chemicals you’ll need for the year.

Please visit our site and pick out your new round or oval above ground swimming pool today.

Cheap Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

February 13, 2008

There are many brands of chlorine tablets available for the homeowner today. At , we carry the Blue Wave brand. This product is similar to the more expensive labels such as Biogard, Sun, Guardex, and Pace. At Mega Pool and Spa, we sell a lot of swimming pool chemicals, so we can offer low prices and fast shipping.

These chlorine tabs are individually wrapped in plastic and can be used in your skimmer, automatic chlorine feeder , floater, or inline chlorinator .

We have the chlorine available in 1″ chlorine tablets , 3″ chlorine tablets, chlorine sticks, and granular chlorine.

Our website has updated prices and we deliver to your door.

How to Replace an Overlap Swimming Pool Liner

February 12, 2008

An Overlap Swimming Pool Liner is simply a vinyl liner that is used with an above ground swimming pool. The liner is held in place under your top rail with coping strips. These types of liners are the most economical and fit a majority of above ground pools.

To help with the above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement, we sell cheap swimming pool supplies at our website. We have overlap swimming pool liners for above ground pools in a variety of styles. To protect the bottom of the pool, we suggest the Gorilla Pool Pad or the Happy Bottom Pool Pad. Gladon makes a kit with everything you need called the Perfect Pool Bottom Kit. Don’t forget to get some pool cove and wall foam rolls for the liner replacement.

Liner replacement varies from pool to pool and you should always follow your manufacturer’s directions. Below is a basic review:

Removing old liner:

(1) Pump out the water in the pool so you can remove the old liner.
(2) Remove face plates, skimmers, ladders, etc.
(3) Remove top rail and coping strips. You can cut out the old liner if you need.
(4) Inspect pool for damage, loose fittings, rust, etc.
(5) Use liner adhesive spray to attach the wall foam.
(6) Place the pool cove around the bottom of the swimming pool wall.
(7) Lay out the Gorilla Padding for above ground swimming pools.
(8) Put new liner in place using existing or new coping strips.
(9) Inspect and replace gaskets, skimmers, etc.
(10) Slowly start to fill the pool and adjust as necessary.

What is the best swimming pool cleaner?

February 11, 2008

The best automatic swimming pool cleaner depends on your pool and budget. First, let us explain the three major types of pool cleaners.

Suction Side pool cleaners are usually the most economical. You simply plug them into your skimmer or cleaner line with a vacuum hose. Your swimming pool pump powers the cleaner and all the dirt, leaves, and debris that the cleaner picks up is trapped in your pool filter. Most of the suction side vacuums are simple devices and have few moving parts. This type of auto pool cleaner is good for cleaning the pool floor bottom. For above ground swimming pools, the Dirt Devil Swimming Pool Cleaner can be found on our site at a discount price. We also have other above ground swimming pool vacuums. For inground swimming pool cleaners, some of the more common pool vacs are the Barracuda G3, Barracuda G4, and the Dirt Devil Whisper Vac Pool Vacuums.

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners are popular because they are powerful and can typically clean the swimming pool walls. This type of pool cleaner uses an electrical cord; it does not run off your swimming pool pump and filter system. Popular brands are Aquabot, Dolphin, and SmartPool. For robotic above ground pool cleaners, we offer the Robo Kleen , Aquabot Pool Rover Jr, and the Aquabot Pool Rover . We also carry robotic pool cleaners for inground pool. We have several models from Aquabot and Dolphin .

Pressure Side Cleaners run off the pool return. Most of these cleaners require a booster pump. The Mars swimming pool cleaner is an economical pool cleaner.

Since there are so many pool cleaners on the market today, you will be able to find a swimming pool vac that matches your pool and budget. Please visit our website for more detailed information, videos, and pool cleaner installation manuals.