What is the best swimming pool cleaner?

The best automatic swimming pool cleaner depends on your pool and budget. First, let us explain the three major types of pool cleaners.

Suction Side pool cleaners are usually the most economical. You simply plug them into your skimmer or cleaner line with a vacuum hose. Your swimming pool pump powers the cleaner and all the dirt, leaves, and debris that the cleaner picks up is trapped in your pool filter. Most of the suction side vacuums are simple devices and have few moving parts. This type of auto pool cleaner is good for cleaning the pool floor bottom. For above ground swimming pools, the Dirt Devil Swimming Pool Cleaner can be found on our site at a discount price. We also have other above ground swimming pool vacuums. For inground swimming pool cleaners, some of the more common pool vacs are the Barracuda G3, Barracuda G4, and the Dirt Devil Whisper Vac Pool Vacuums.

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners are popular because they are powerful and can typically clean the swimming pool walls. This type of pool cleaner uses an electrical cord; it does not run off your swimming pool pump and filter system. Popular brands are Aquabot, Dolphin, and SmartPool. For robotic above ground pool cleaners, we offer the Robo Kleen , Aquabot Pool Rover Jr, and the Aquabot Pool Rover . We also carry robotic pool cleaners for inground pool. We have several models from Aquabot and Dolphin .

Pressure Side Cleaners run off the pool return. Most of these cleaners require a booster pump. The Mars swimming pool cleaner is an economical pool cleaner.

Since there are so many pool cleaners on the market today, you will be able to find a swimming pool vac that matches your pool and budget. Please visit our website for more detailed information, videos, and pool cleaner installation manuals.


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