How Swimming Pool Solar Blankets Covers Work

A Swimming pool solar blanket is a simple way to keep the heat in your swimming pool water.

Lay the blanket out with the bubble side on the water; the smooth side up.   Allow the blanket to expand and then you can trim to size of your pool with a pair of scissors.  If you have a solar blanket reel, you can simply roll the cover up when not in use.

When you place the solar tarp on the water, the sun passes through the blanket and heats the water.  The air bubbles of the solar blanket act as a insulator and trap the heated pool water from escaping.

The solar blanket helps prevent water evaporation which can save you money on chemicals and the amount of time you run your swimming pool heater.

Our swimming pool solar blankets come in two different styles and we offer them in many sizes for above ground and inground swimming pools.

The standard blue solar blanket is our most economical cover.  The clear solar blankets allow more sunlight to pass through the to water and are slightly thicker  than the blue.

It is recommended to leave the solar blanket on the pool when the pool is not in use, on cloudy days, and windy areas.

Please visit our site and buy a swimming pool solar blanket today.


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