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Swimming Pool Solar Covers

December 28, 2010

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Swimming pool solar covers lay directly on the water and trap heat which allows you to swim in water 10-15 degrees warmer than normal. You can start swimming earlier in the year and close the pool later than you usually would.

     These insulating thermal blankets are made of plastic and contain thousands of air bubbles. Sunlight is able to pass through the sheet to heat the water, but the thickness of the plastic and the air pockets act as an insulating barrier to retain the heat in the water. By trapping the heat from leaving, you will not need to run your pool heater as much. You can easily trim the covers to fit and they can be rolled up used with a solar reel or folded and put away.

     Evaporation is a main cause of heat loss. These “bubble covers” as they are also called, act as a barrier to stop your water and chemicals from entering the air.

     We offer two styles of solar covers. The blue opaque solar pool blankets covers are the standard 8mil for above ground pools or 12mil for inground pools. The Magni Clear solar pool covers are 14 gauge and since they are clear and not as opaque, they allow more sunlight to penetrate to the pool surface.

     Covers should be used when the pool is not in use. If there is a lot of sunlight or the ambient temperature is high, you may not need to cover your pool during the day, but it’s a good idea to cover your swimming pool at night to prevent heat and chemical evaporation. On cloudy as well as windy days, it’s recommended to keep the pool covered.

     When you first get your blanket, lay it out and wait a few days before you trim it to size. You want to allow the blanket to shrink and expand due to the folds, pleats, and exposure to sunlight. Then, you can use a pair of scissors to trim the cover to size as close to the pool wall if needed. The solar cover should be placed on the water with the bubble side down, smooth side up. This increases the surface area for the sun to penetrate and makes the air bubbles act as insulation to keep the heat from escaping.

above ground pool solar blanket

pool solar blanket



inground pool solar blanket

inground pool solar blanket


Coupons for Swimming Pool Products

December 28, 2010

Mega Pool and Spa always has the lowest prices on pool supplies.  From time to time, we’ll offer our customers even greater savings!!!

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Basketball Hoops for Inground Swimming Pools

February 18, 2009


Big, Rugged and Tons of Fun!

This deluxe game is a full 44″ wide and 32″ high to keep the basketball in the water and out of the deck area. The superstrong backboard is unbreakable and adjustable to different heights. The rugged resin base is filled with water to anchor the “cool jam” for hours of splash dunking. The unit comes with a regulation metal rim, basketball and heavy duty net. This is a top-of-the-line basketball game that will last you year after year—at a great price!

At , you can buy swimming pool basketball games.

This is an adjustable Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

20×40 Solar blankets for inground swimming pools

February 17, 2009

Mega Pool and Spa has a variety of swimming pool solar blankets.

We have cheap solar pool covers in blue and clear.

Please click:

20×40 clear solar blanket

20×40 swimming pool solar cover

Nitro Wall Climbing Robotic Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

January 27, 2009

The new Nitro Robot Pool Cleaner can climb and clean your swimming pool walls.

Nitro Wall Climbing Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner

The dynamic new Nitro Wall Climber from Smartpool has all the features you want in a robotic pool cleaner and has been getting great reviews. The unit quickly cleans your pools walls and floor in three hours or less. Compare these quality features:

  • Intelligent navigation cleans where the dirt is
  • Lightweight- weighs only 9 lbs- so it is easy to remove from your pool
  • Unique cleaning path is 50% wider- so the unit cleans FASTER!
  • Works on many pool surfaces: vinyl liners, fiberglass , and concrete swimming pools
  • 60’ Super Cord has kink resistant technology
  • Toggle switch for 1 hr rapid clean or 3 hr systematic cleaning
  • Super capacity filter bag means less emptying
  • Simple design means do-it-yourself service
  • Runs on safe 12 volts & is ETL, CSA & CE approved
  • 2year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
  • Comes with FREE Caddy

  • Super Slope Inflatable Swimming Pool Slide by SportsStuff

    May 28, 2008

    This thing is AWESOME!!!!! How cool is this??

    The Super Slope Inflatable Swimming Pool Slide is made by SportsStuff, one of the leading manufacturers for heavy duty inflatables.
    Your kids will have a blast with this high quality rugged inflatable swimming pool slide. The Super Slope comes with a sprinkler that hooks up to your garden hose to keep the slide super slippery. Super Slope is made from a two layer PVC and nylon tarpaulin material that is very durable and able to withstand the worst your kids can dish out. The rear of the slide has rope ladders for easy access.

  • Inflated Height: 56 inches
  • Inflated Length: 102 inches
  • Inflated Width: 70 inches
  • 225 Pound Weight Limit
  • How To Calculate The Number of Gallons of Water In An Above Ground or Inground Swimming Pool

    April 5, 2008
    It’s important to know how many gallons of water are in your swimming pool. A lot of swimming pool  spring startup opening chemical kits are sold based on gallons and it’s important to know so you can properly add the right amount of chemicals during your normal maintenance.

    To determine how many gallons of water are in your swimming pool, you basically multiply the length, width, depth, then we also use a “multiplier”.

    If you have a sloped pool or a pool with a deep end, you just figure the average depth. Take the depth of the shallow and deep end. Add them together and divde by two. This gives you a rough estimate of the average depth. If you have a flat bottom pool, you guessed it, your average depth is just the depth of your pool

    For Round Pools, you multiply the diameter (in feet) times the diameter (in feet) times the average depth (in feet) times 5.9 (the multiplier).

    For Oval Swimming Pools, the calculation is roughly the same, but we change the multiplier. To figure the amount of gallons in an above ground swimming pool, it’s length x width x average depth x 6.7 (our multiplier).

    For rectangular pools, our equation to figure the amount of water in a swimming pool is lenth x width x average depth x 7.5(our multiplier)

    Once you figure out how many gallons of water are in your swimming pool, you can buy the right amount of swimming pool chemicals.

    How To Install An Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover

    March 30, 2008

    After you have winterized your swimming pool, you should place a swimming pool cover over the pool.

    A solid winter cover is made with poly threads that are woven tightly together. These covers normally come with an 8,12, or 15 year manufacturer warranty. These covers usually have different colors, but the main difference is the tightness of the weave, commonly referred to as the “scrim size”. This is notated in per inch and if you look at the cover, you will notice the “threading” of the material. It looks like small squares and the higher the scrim size, the smaller or tighter the weaving.

    The covers are usually, blue, green, or navy in color on top, and black underneath. The blackside is placed on the pool side and the dark color helps block sunlight to prevent algae growth over the winter months.

    How to install a winter cover on an above ground swimming pool:

    swimming pool cover air pillow is an optional accessory and they come in a variety of sizes. Depending on your pool size, you may need to buy a small or large pillow or multiple pillows. You would inflate the pillow and tie it and secure it in place so the air pillow is positioned in the center of the swimming pool. These air pillows are commonly used in colder climates and may help protect your above ground swimming pool frame from the freezing and expansion of the water. Your cover should be able to withstand standing water ontop of it. Rainwater may help keep the cover in place, but some people not to have a lot of water on their cover. Many people have tried to buy a lot of pillows to create a dome effect so rainwater and snowmelt would run off the pool cover, but this is not recommened. Instead, we sell an  electric cover pump to get water off your pool cover.

    Purchase a correct size pool cover. We sell covers in many sizes for round and oval pools. You buy the cover in “Pool Size” . Our covers have a 4 foot overlap which means the cover is actually 4 feet bigger than the pool size. Your cover will go over the walls of the pool, so you need to have extra space to secure the cover in place to the swimming pool. Water level is very important since the cover is made to sit on the water. Your cover should only hang and drop down 12″ from the rail or deck. Do not stretch the cover.

    Remove the swimming pool cover from the packaging. All of our winter covers come with a cable and winch that should be in the same box. Place the cover on the pool with the black side down, on the pool water. Make sure the cover is installed correctly per the manufacturer’s warranty card and instructions. Thread the cable through the metal grommets of the pool cover and tighten the winch. For areas with high winds or if you want the most protection, you can buy  cover seal wrap. This product is similar in concept to shrink wrap and you simply wrap the edges of the cover to create an air seal. If you have an above ground swimming pool with a deck and cannot place the cable around the pool, you may need to use  water tubes to hold the cover in place.

    Then you can place a  leaf net over the solid cover or cover pump.

    Our covers come with a manufacturer warranty. Fill out and mail in your warranty registration card. Keep your receipts, packing slips, and copy of warranty card.

    What is the best swimming pool cleaner?

    February 11, 2008

    The best automatic swimming pool cleaner depends on your pool and budget. First, let us explain the three major types of pool cleaners.

    Suction Side pool cleaners are usually the most economical. You simply plug them into your skimmer or cleaner line with a vacuum hose. Your swimming pool pump powers the cleaner and all the dirt, leaves, and debris that the cleaner picks up is trapped in your pool filter. Most of the suction side vacuums are simple devices and have few moving parts. This type of auto pool cleaner is good for cleaning the pool floor bottom. For above ground swimming pools, the Dirt Devil Swimming Pool Cleaner can be found on our site at a discount price. We also have other above ground swimming pool vacuums. For inground swimming pool cleaners, some of the more common pool vacs are the Barracuda G3, Barracuda G4, and the Dirt Devil Whisper Vac Pool Vacuums.

    Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners are popular because they are powerful and can typically clean the swimming pool walls. This type of pool cleaner uses an electrical cord; it does not run off your swimming pool pump and filter system. Popular brands are Aquabot, Dolphin, and SmartPool. For robotic above ground pool cleaners, we offer the Robo Kleen , Aquabot Pool Rover Jr, and the Aquabot Pool Rover . We also carry robotic pool cleaners for inground pool. We have several models from Aquabot and Dolphin .

    Pressure Side Cleaners run off the pool return. Most of these cleaners require a booster pump. The Mars swimming pool cleaner is an economical pool cleaner.

    Since there are so many pool cleaners on the market today, you will be able to find a swimming pool vac that matches your pool and budget. Please visit our website for more detailed information, videos, and pool cleaner installation manuals.