Super Slope Inflatable Swimming Pool Slide by SportsStuff

This thing is AWESOME!!!!! How cool is this??

The Super Slope Inflatable Swimming Pool Slide is made by SportsStuff, one of the leading manufacturers for heavy duty inflatables.
Your kids will have a blast with this high quality rugged inflatable swimming pool slide. The Super Slope comes with a sprinkler that hooks up to your garden hose to keep the slide super slippery. Super Slope is made from a two layer PVC and nylon tarpaulin material that is very durable and able to withstand the worst your kids can dish out. The rear of the slide has rope ladders for easy access.

  • Inflated Height: 56 inches
  • Inflated Length: 102 inches
  • Inflated Width: 70 inches
  • 225 Pound Weight Limit
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