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Swimming Pool Solar Covers

December 28, 2010

Please visit Mega Pool and Spa for more information on solar blankets

Swimming pool solar covers lay directly on the water and trap heat which allows you to swim in water 10-15 degrees warmer than normal. You can start swimming earlier in the year and close the pool later than you usually would.

     These insulating thermal blankets are made of plastic and contain thousands of air bubbles. Sunlight is able to pass through the sheet to heat the water, but the thickness of the plastic and the air pockets act as an insulating barrier to retain the heat in the water. By trapping the heat from leaving, you will not need to run your pool heater as much. You can easily trim the covers to fit and they can be rolled up used with a solar reel or folded and put away.

     Evaporation is a main cause of heat loss. These “bubble covers” as they are also called, act as a barrier to stop your water and chemicals from entering the air.

     We offer two styles of solar covers. The blue opaque solar pool blankets covers are the standard 8mil for above ground pools or 12mil for inground pools. The Magni Clear solar pool covers are 14 gauge and since they are clear and not as opaque, they allow more sunlight to penetrate to the pool surface.

     Covers should be used when the pool is not in use. If there is a lot of sunlight or the ambient temperature is high, you may not need to cover your pool during the day, but it’s a good idea to cover your swimming pool at night to prevent heat and chemical evaporation. On cloudy as well as windy days, it’s recommended to keep the pool covered.

     When you first get your blanket, lay it out and wait a few days before you trim it to size. You want to allow the blanket to shrink and expand due to the folds, pleats, and exposure to sunlight. Then, you can use a pair of scissors to trim the cover to size as close to the pool wall if needed. The solar cover should be placed on the water with the bubble side down, smooth side up. This increases the surface area for the sun to penetrate and makes the air bubbles act as insulation to keep the heat from escaping.

above ground pool solar blanket

pool solar blanket



inground pool solar blanket

inground pool solar blanket


Self Draining Winter Pool Covers for Aboveground

July 10, 2009

New at this season is the self draining winter pool cover

If you are tired of constantly monitoring the water level on top of your winter cover, then our new EZ DRAIN COVER is for you. EZ Drain comes with a drainage system sandwiched between layers of the cover. Simply hook up the cover drain to your pool’s return line with the hose that is included and the cover automatically drains itself of excess water. EZ Drain removes damaging excess water weight from your pool cover all winter long. Eliminates cover pumps, siphons and the need for costly air pillows.

Not only does EZ Drain automatically remove rain water, but it is a tough and durable winter cover that will protect your pool from winter’s worst. It is made from super-strong triple laminated woven polyethylene with a specially designed inner scrim that is extremely tear resistant. EZ Drain is UV protected to shield it from the damaging effects of sunlight. The cover is backed by a 15 Year Pro-Rated Warranty with 3 years at full coverage. The covers have a 3 foot overlap to ensure a proper fit. EZ Drain covers come complete with cable and tightening system, drainage hose and fittings.


All Products ship for free. No Order Handling Fee. The Price You See Is The Delivered Price In The 48 States.

Gladon Perfect Pool Bottom Kit

September 4, 2008

Gladon Pool Products make great accessories for your swimming pool liner installation job and at , we sell all of their products at Low Prices!!!

The Perfect Pool Bottom is an entire kit designed to totally protect your new liner and add years of life.

The heart of this liner kit is perfect bottom hard, flat polymer that is placed under your pool to form a smooth bottom and protect your liner. Nothing can get through Perfect Pool Bottom, not roots, stones, glass or even NUTGRASS! With Perfect Pool Bottom even footprints are eliminated. Also included in the kit is pool cove which is used around the perimeter of the inside wall of your pool to protect your liner. Pool cove eliminates excessive liner stretch to prolong your liner’s life.

The Perfect Pool Bottom kit is easy to install and comes in different pool sizes. If you are looking to prevent nutgrass then this kit is for you.