How to Replace an Overlap Swimming Pool Liner

An Overlap Swimming Pool Liner is simply a vinyl liner that is used with an above ground swimming pool. The liner is held in place under your top rail with coping strips. These types of liners are the most economical and fit a majority of above ground pools.

To help with the above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement, we sell cheap swimming pool supplies at our website. We have overlap swimming pool liners for above ground pools in a variety of styles. To protect the bottom of the pool, we suggest the Gorilla Pool Pad or the Happy Bottom Pool Pad. Gladon makes a kit with everything you need called the Perfect Pool Bottom Kit. Don’t forget to get some pool cove and wall foam rolls for the liner replacement.

Liner replacement varies from pool to pool and you should always follow your manufacturer’s directions. Below is a basic review:

Removing old liner:

(1) Pump out the water in the pool so you can remove the old liner.
(2) Remove face plates, skimmers, ladders, etc.
(3) Remove top rail and coping strips. You can cut out the old liner if you need.
(4) Inspect pool for damage, loose fittings, rust, etc.
(5) Use liner adhesive spray to attach the wall foam.
(6) Place the pool cove around the bottom of the swimming pool wall.
(7) Lay out the Gorilla Padding for above ground swimming pools.
(8) Put new liner in place using existing or new coping strips.
(9) Inspect and replace gaskets, skimmers, etc.
(10) Slowly start to fill the pool and adjust as necessary.


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