Gorilla Pad is Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner Floor Protection Padding

The Gorilla Pad is sold in the above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement section of our website, http://www.megapoolandspa.com.

This floor liner protects your pool from grass, roots, nutgrass, glass, sharp objects, etc from poking up and cutting the bottom of your swimming pool liner.

The Gorilla Padding is a thin, white felt material that is very tough to tear or cut and is one of the most popular ways to prevent leaks from the bottom of your pool.

When you replace your above ground pool liner, you simply lay this geotextile out over your sand. The pad is cut to your pool size. Spread the Gorilla Pad out the best you can and continue the liner replacement.

Please visit www.megapoolandspa.com for prices and protect the bottom of your above ground swimming pool today.


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