What is Pool Cove and do I need to use it when replacing a swimming pool liner?

Peel and Stick Pool Cove for Above Ground Pools is an important step when you change or put in an above ground swimming pool liner.

Pool cove keeps the vinyl liner in place on the bottom of the walls. Without cove, the weight of the water can push the liner against the wall causing stress to the pool itself or under the frame.

In the past, people had to use sand or dirt to build up the area. This is labor intensive and the dirt can easily washout leaving you with a liner failure. Gladon solves this problem with their Peel N Place Pool Cove. The swimming pool cove is made from a foam like material and has a tacky adhesive backing so you can stick the cove in place.

The cove is economical, lightweight, flexible, and easy to install.

Click here to learn How To Install Swimming Pool Cove

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