The RoboKleen is an Automatic Robotic Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner

The Robo Kleen by Smartpool is an economical robot swimming pool cleaner for aboveground pools. Don’t let the cheap price on this pool cleaner fool you, this thing is a powerhorse!!

This fully automatic above ground pool cleaner has a self-contained filtration system so it will not clog up your pump and filter. Since it filters the water as well as cleans your pool, it can also cut chemical costs and electricity expense. Just drop this robotic dynamo into your pool, plug it in, and away it goes – cleaning the pool floor with no hoses to connect or wrestle with! The Robo Kleen automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner utilizes its own internal computer to clean any above-ground pool, and then shuts itself off when the job is done.

The unit is entirely safe as it uses a 24 volt motor and is UL-listed. Its fine mesh filter bag can capture the tiniest particles, even algae and bacteria. Robo Kleen’s soft wheels provide traction on any vinyl liner – flat, dished, or foot-printed. The unit comes complete with a 40-foot cord.


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