What is the best kind of Swimming Pool Solar Cover? Blue or Clear?

A swimming pool solar cover is a cheap and efficient way to heat your swimming pool. Let the sun heat your pool water for free! With thousands of tiny bubbles, these swimming pool covers trap the sun’s heat on your pool water. A swimming pool solar cover keeps the heat from rising off your pool as fast. Another huge benefit of using a solar cover is its ability to slow water evaporation. Water evaporation is a big reason for heat and chemical loss.

Blue solar covers are more economical to purchase. The plastic of this cover is a little thinner than our clear solar covers and don’t let as much sunlight pass though to your water.

Our MagniClear swimming pool solar covers are 14mil. Clear swimming pool solar covers allow more sunlight to pass through to the water and since they are a little thicker, they should provide more insulation. They are heavier than a blue cover, so you need a high quality reel if you have a large pool.

At Megapoolandspa.com, you’ll find plenty of sizes at cheap prices.

We have cheap inground swimming pool solar covers and swimming pool solar covers for round and oval above ground pools.


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