Do I need to use an air pillow with an above ground swimming pool winter cover?

An “air pillow” is a common accessory when closing your aboveground swimming pool for the fall and winter months.  When you close your pool, you need to cover your pool with a winter pool cover.

An air pillow is placed under the cover in the center of the pool.  The pillow raises the center of the cover and gives you two benefits.  First, rainwater and snowmelt would not puddle in the center of the cover, making it easier for you to get the standing water off your pool.  Also, the air pillow should help protect your pool walls because the freezing water as it expands and contracts would push up against the air pillow instead of your pool walls.

Our above ground pool covers can withstand normal water settling on the center of the pool cover, so it’s not necessary to get an air pillow to simply keep the water off the center of the cover. sells cheap winter air pillows for above ground in various sizes.


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