What is Wall Foam for Above ground swimming pools and how do you put it on?

Gladon Pool Products makes a lot of quality products for your above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement job.

When you replace your pool liner, you should consider floor padding such as Happy Bottom Pool Pad to make the pool floor nice and comfortable to add a layer of cushion and protect the bottom of the pool.  Swimming Pool Cove sticks are placed at the bottom of the pool wall to protect the pool frame from the weight of the water.  But, don’t forget about the walls…..

Gladon also makes a product called “Waveless Wall Foam”.

The Above Ground Swimming Pool Wall Foam that we sell makes your swimming pool walls nice and smooth.   Another benefit of using wall foam is that it creates a little bit of insulation to keep heat from escaping your pool water temperature.

The wall foam is 1/8″ thick, 48″ tall, and comes in several sizes.  At http://www.megapoolandspa.com, we have great prices on 65 , 75, 85, and 100 foot lengths.

Our Wall Foam is flat, high quality, and easy to apply.   With the Gladon Foam Bond Adhesive Spray, you can bond the wall foam to swimming pool walls and almost any surface; including concrete and wood.  The foam bond comes in a aerosol can with a  high volume spray nozzle.  The blue foam lets you see where you’ve sprayed it and is easy to clean.

To learn how to change your swimming pool liner and what products you need to buy, please visit Mega Pool and Spa.


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