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Do I need to use a pool pad like the Gorilla Pad with an above ground pool liner?

December 28, 2010

Do I need to use a pool pad like the Gorilla Pad with an above ground pool liner?

A pool liner pad is a cheap way to protect your aboveground pool liner.

The Gorilla Pad is used to help protect and prevent sharp objects and grasses from coming up into your aboveground swimming pool liner. Help prevent vinyl liner bottom leaks with Gorilla Pad.

Gorilla Padding is a geotextile material that is super tough, but also adds a layer of cushioning that will eliminate footprints from forming. Gorilla Pad is cut to size and seamed for your pool. Simply layout the pool pad under the above ground swimming pool liner and over the sand base. You can cut the floor padding on site or pull it up the pool cove.

Gorilla Pool Pad

Gorilla Pool Pad


LinerGuard Above Ground Swimming Pool Floor Padding is Similar to the Gorilla Pad

October 10, 2008

The Linerguard Pool Padding is similar to the Gorilla Pad Swimming Pool Pad.

Liner Guard geotextile fabric protects above ground swimming pool liners from punctures and cuts caused by rocks and tree rootsLiner Guard is a Geotextile fabric that is placed under your replacement vinyl swimming pool liner. The Linerguard protects the bottom of your aboveground swimming pool liner from punctures, cuts, rocks, roots, and sand coming up from the bottom. The Liner Gaurd offers these benefits:

  • No cutting or taping; just lay it out over your sand base.
  • The fabric is pourous so moisture can pass through
  • The fabric does not fully compress; adding a little bit of cushioning for a softer pool bottom