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What items do you need when you install an Aboveground Pool Liners

January 11, 2012

When you replace your aboveground pool liner we recommend these steps:

  1. Buy a High Quality Pool Liner
  2. Buy Swimming Pool Cove
  3. Buy a Swimming Pool Pad
  4. Buy Wall Foam
  5. Buy Coping Strips

Gladon Perfect Pool Bottom Kit – Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner Pad with Pool Cove

October 10, 2008

The Perfect Pool Bottom Kit for Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners is available at http://www.megapoolandspa.  We have tons of sizes and deliver to your door in days.

If you have problems with nutgrass, this is the solution for your above ground liner. Perfect Pool Bottom is an entire kit designed to totally protect your new liner and add years of life. The heart of this liner kit is perfect bottom hard, flat polymer that is placed under your pool to form a smooth bottom and protect your liner. Nothing can get through the Gladon Perfect Pool Bottom, not roots, stones, glass or even NUTGRASS! With Perfect Pool Bottom even footprints are eliminated. Also included in the kit is pool cove which is used around the perimeter of the inside wall of your pool to protect your liner. Pool cove eliminates excessive liner stretch to prolong your liner’s life.

The Perfect Pool Bottom kit is easy to install and comes in different pool sizes. If you are looking to prevent nutgrass then this kit is for you.

Click Here to Read The Perfect Pool Bottom Installation Instructions

LinerGuard Above Ground Swimming Pool Floor Padding is Similar to the Gorilla Pad

October 10, 2008

The Linerguard Pool Padding is similar to the Gorilla Pad Swimming Pool Pad.

Liner Guard geotextile fabric protects above ground swimming pool liners from punctures and cuts caused by rocks and tree rootsLiner Guard is a Geotextile fabric that is placed under your replacement vinyl swimming pool liner. The Linerguard protects the bottom of your aboveground swimming pool liner from punctures, cuts, rocks, roots, and sand coming up from the bottom. The Liner Gaurd offers these benefits:

  • No cutting or taping; just lay it out over your sand base.
  • The fabric is pourous so moisture can pass through
  • The fabric does not fully compress; adding a little bit of cushioning for a softer pool bottom
  • What is Waveless Wall Foam that’s used with an above ground swimming pool liner?

    September 30, 2008

    Waveless Wall Foam for Above Ground Pool Liners is made by Gladon Pool Products and you can buy it at for delivery to your home in a few days.

    When you install your new swimming pool liner, it’s a good idea to put the Wall Foam between your pool liner and pool wall.  The wall foam is easy to install and you may want to get a can or two of the wall foam adhesive spray to help.

    Foam is 1×8″ x 48″ and sold in various lengths.

    Create a smooth wall surface with this closed-cell 1/8” foam padding that helps to prevent rust, corrosion, and other wall degradation from puncturing your liner. Help keep your liner like-new for years to come with wall foam!