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Where to Buy Aboveground Swimming Pool Cove Sticks

January 7, 2011

When you purchase a replacement swimming pool liner, it’s a great idea to add the Peel and Stick Swimming Pool Cove.

In order to keep the swimming pool liner in place and protect the structure of the pool wall and liner, most people tend to build a sand or dirt cove that could easily be washed out; causing a lot of stress to the vinyl liner.  Pool Cove Sticks  solves that problem.  Peel n Place Aboveground Swimming Pool Cove is an economical alternative to sand and dirt cove and can be installed easily.

The cove sticks are easy to install; just release the backing and position on the clean and dry postion.  The tacky adhesive backing will hold the lightweight, flexible cove sections in place until the liner is filled with water.

  • Tacky adhesive backing
  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Eliminates tons of dirt
  • Adheres to pool wall
  • Installs quick and easy
  • Does not wash out
  • Easy to work with 4 foot sections


    Where to buy cheap pool cove for aboveground swimming pools

    November 16, 2009

    Peel and Stick Pool Cove for Above Ground Pools is an important step when you change or put in an above ground swimming pool liner.

    Pool cove keeps the vinyl liner in place on the bottom of the walls. Without cove, the weight of the water can push the liner against the wall causing stress to the pool itself or under the frame.

    In the past, people had to use sand or dirt to build up the area. This is labor intensive and the dirt can easily washout leaving you with a liner failure. Gladon solves this problem with their Peel and Stick  Pool Cove. The swimming pool cove is made from a foam like material and has a tacky adhesive backing so you can stick the cove in place.

    The pool cove molding is economical, lightweight, flexible, and easy to install.

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    How do you install above ground swimming pool Pool Cove?

    September 4, 2008

    Pool Cove is an important product to use when you replace your above ground swimming pool liner.  The cove sticks are placed on the floor of the pool against the wall.  They create way for the liner to rest against the pool walls without putting a lot of stress agianst the wall itself.  Pool Cove manufactured by Gladon is made from a foam type of material that will not wash away like dirt or sand cove you build by hand.

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    Here are detailed instructions on how to install swimming pool cove sticks.

    • You will need a hacksaw to trim pieces if needed and optional snips.
    • Make sure you have a nice level 4″ wide section of ground around the pool wall.
    • Locate the pool wall joint and center a section of pool cove.
    • Press the cove against the wall and and make sure the plastic backing goes between the inner wall and bottom rail.
    • Continue placing the cove sticks around the entire pool making sure there are no gaps or spaces between the cove sticks.
    • Before installing the last stick of cove, make sure all pieces fit tightly next to each other.
    • Cut your last piece of cove about 1.5″ longer than needed.  This tight fit is recommend because you will fill the pool with water and the wall will stretch.