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What is a Beaded Pool Liner for Above Ground Swimming Pools?

October 10, 2008

Beaded Above Ground Pool Liners
are used if your aboveground pool has and groove underneath the railing which holds the liner in place, called a bead receiver. This type of liner has a special edge that you snap into place, not overhang and trim the excess as you would with an overlap swimming pool liner, so you need to match the liner with your pool depth.

If you need a Liner for Esther Williams Pool , you most likely can use on of our Swimline Beaded Pool Liners.


What is an Overlap Swimming Pool Liner for an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

October 10, 2008

Overlap Swimming Pool Liners
hang over the pool wall and are held in place with coping strips underneath the railing. Our overlap replacement liners are for use with flat bottom above ground swimming pools. If you have a sloped pool with a deep end, you would need an expandable pool liner. The overlap liners we carry can be used with either a 48″ or 52″ deep above ground pool.

At, we carry a large selection of swimming pool liners. We have all the popular sizes and patterns and can deliver a new above ground swimming pool liner to your door in days.

What is an Expandable Swimming Pool Liner?

September 30, 2008

An expandable swimming pool liner is similar to an “Overlap” swimming pool liner.  The main difference is that an overlap swimming pool liner is used with flat bottom pools.   If you have an above ground swimming pool with a deep end, dished out bottom, etc. you may need an expandable liner for above ground swimming pools.

These stretch swimming pool liners can stretch to fit a 72″ deep pool.

* It is normal for most expandable liners to wrinkle when installed.

Replacement Expandable Swimming Pool Liners for Doughboy Brand Pools

September 12, 2008

At, we sell Swimline brand liners.

Our line of expandable above ground swimming pool liners are popular with the Doughboy brand of pools.

These high quality liners are expandable to fit pools up to 72″

f your above ground swimming pool is sloped, has a deep end, or is a Doughboy brand, you probably need an expandable vinyl liner.

These types of liners can stretch to fit a 72″ deep pool.

* 20 Gauge

* It is normal for most expandable liners to wrinkle when installed.

At, our expandable liners start at $159.99 delivered to your door and you can receive the new liner in a few days.

Cheap Overlap Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners from Swimline

September 12, 2008

At Mega Pool and Spa, we stock almost every size liner for a round or oval above ground swimming pool. If we don’t have your size in stock, we can have it custom made. We ship or liners quickly and most homeowners receive their new overlap swimming pool liner in just a couple of days.

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We carry replacement aboveground swimming pool liners made by Swimline and have a variety of patterns.

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Discount Swimming Pool Liners and where to buy cheap above ground vinyl liners

September 11, 2008

At, we sell Swimline Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners at low prices everyday.

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We have plenty of sizes for round and oval pools and stock overlap pool liners, beaded pool liners, and expandable pool liners popular with Doughboy brand pools

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How Do You Install The Gorilla Pool Pad?

May 17, 2008

The Gorilla Pool Pad is a thin, white felt geotextile material that you place over your sand base and under your swimming pool liner. This product is very strong and tough to tear so it’s a great way to protect your swimming pool floor.

At Mega Pool and Spa, we have the cheapest price on the internet for the Gorilla Pool Padding.

The above ground pool padding is very easy to install. Just lay the Gorilla floor padding down over your sand base. Pull the pad to work out any wrinkles. Continue with your above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement.

The Gorilla Pool Pad is an inexpensive way to protect the bottom of your above ground swimming pool vinyl liner. The padding will help prevent rocks, roots, glass, nutgrass, etc. from coming up and puncturing your pool floor.

This type of felt pool padding is not really meant to give a cushion; the main purpose is to prevent punctures. The pad adds a layer of cushion, but is not a foam product like the Happy Bottom Pool Pad.

For more information on above ground swimming pool vinyl liners and the benefits of pool pads, please visit our website,