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How do you fix a leak in a swimming pool liner

February 12, 2009


Dries Underwater and Matches Any Liner Color!

Once you’ve found the leak, this amazing sealant repairs tears and holes in your vinyl liner without a patch. Simply apply the clear sealant to any hole above or below the waterline and this amazing formula creates it’s own patch. Skins over in 5-10 minutes; cures completely in 48 hours. If a patch is needed due to heavy water flow, use EZ Patch 28™ as the glue and apply the clear vinyl patch that is included.

Use EZ Patch 28  for pool liners, plastic shimmer leaks, pool covers, or anything that’s vinyl.


Coupons for Swimming Pool Supplies – Inground Above Ground Pools

October 20, 2008

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From time to time, we’ll send out coupons for your swimming pool.

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Do you need to use the Happy Bottom Pool Pad when installing a swimming pool liner?

September 30, 2008

The Happy Bottom Pool Pad is a high density poly foam material. The Happy Bottom Pool Padding is great to use if you’re putting an above ground swimming pool ontop of concrete or hard ground. The foam provides a nice uniform layer of cushion under your
above ground swimming pool liner

The pool floor padding is sold in pool size and you’ll need some sure seam tape to join the pieces together.

If you’re thinking about how to install an above ground swimming pool, you should consider the Happybottom pool pad.