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New Lower Prices on Winter Swimming Pool Covers

July 4, 2009

Prices are being lowered  many swimming pool covers for the 2009 fall season .  You’ll find the cheapest swimming pool covers at

Cheap aboveground swimming pool covers

Inground swimming pool covers

Mesh pool covers

Leaf Nets


Where To Buy Cheap Swimming Pool Leaf Net Covers

March 31, 2008

At, we sell discount leaf nets for above ground and inground swimming pools.  Our covers come in a variety of sizes for round or oval aboveground pools.  Our Inground Leaf Lets are sold in rectangular sizes and we have them in a lot of different pool sizes.

A Swimming Pool Leaf Net is normally placed over a solid winter swimming pool cover. A leaf catcher is a lightweight, mesh type cover made from polyethylene material. The gaps of the netting are about 1/8 square, so this cover is primarily used to catch leaves during the fall and winter months. Since this cover is placed over the solid winter cover, you can remove the leaf net and clean off the leaves without removing the winterized pool cover.

Normally, most people will leave the cover on the pool until all the leaves have fallen from the trees around your pool. Simply slide the cover off and most of the leaves that were ontop of your above or inground swimming pool will be dragged off.

You buy swimming pool leaf nets in “Pool Size”. The covers have a 4 foot overlap so you can properly secure the cover. Our above ground swimming pool leaf nets include a cable that you thread through the grommets of the cover and tighten with the included winch. To install an in ground swimming pool leaf net, you would simply slip your water tubes through the loops that are made into the cover.

Our leaf nets come with a 4 year manufacturer prorated warranty.