The Bermuda is the Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit You can buy

At, we sell a full line of models from Atlantic Pools

The Bermuda Pool Kit is the best above ground swimming pool you can buy.

  • 54″ Deep Aluminum Construction
  • Round or Oval Style
  • 100% corrosion resistant construction
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Now comes with FREE 25gauge Unibead Liner – add comment with order desired at checkout.
  • Don’t forget to buy a
    Above Ground Pool Filter System
    , some swimming pool steps, and
    a pool season chemical package.

  • We also offer accessories to help with liner install such as

    vinyl liner floor padding and wall foam.

    This top of the line pool features extra-heavy gauge extruded aluminum for unsurpassed strength and durability. Bermuda has taken quality pool construction to the next level with the all aluminum components. Because of its extra-heavy gauge aluminum parts and interlocking walls it is over 50% stronger than conventional steel above ground pools. In addition to the super strength of its aluminum parts, Bermuda is finished with excellent craftsmanship resulting in a pool that is as beautiful to look at as it is super strong. The fit and finish on this pool are unmatched by any other.

    100% CORROSION PROTECTION – Bermuda’s components are made from aluminum that will not rust or corrode like steel. After extrusion, all aluminum panels are powder coated with a beautiful enamel that adds a high gloss luster to its finish as well as further protecting the aluminum from corrosion. All Bermuda’s components are powder coated to insure a beautiful finish that will last for many seasons. From the bottom rails that contact the ground to the rugged top seat, your Bermuda pool is impervious to rust and corrosion.

    EASY INSTALLATION – Bermuda’s interlocking wall sections make it much easier to install than most convention above ground pools. Because of the superior strength and corrosion protection the pool can also be installed as a semi-inground pool. See our quality features button for details.

    Bermuda is for the customer that wants only the best in quality, durability and strength. Because of its outstanding features, this above ground swimming pool has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Bermuda comes standard with a 54” beaded swimming pool liner and a skimmer and return. An installation manual is included with each pool.


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