Should you use the Happy Bottom or Gorilla Pad for Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner Padding

At Mega Pool and Spa, we sell everything you need when you replace your swimming pool liner.  Before installing the liner, you may want to consider putting a padding material down first to protect the liner from punctures or give you a softer footing.  These products are placed down first, before putting the liner in.

The Gladon Happy Bottom and Gorilla Pad have different uses.

The Gorilla Pad is a thin felt type of material.  The material is very strong and tightly woven.  This product is not really a “padding” , but provides an excellent layer of protection for the bottom of your vinyl liner.  This product is good for stopping grasses and sharp objects from coming up and cutting or puncturing your swimming pool liner.  You simply lay the Gorilla Pad out on the ground and trim excess, bury in sand, or pull up your pool cove.

The Happy Bottom Pool Pad is made from a foam material.  If your above ground swimming pool is ontop of concrete, this is a great product to put under the liner.  If you want to add some cushion under your swiming pool liner, this is the product to buy. Made from special high density polyethylene foam and about 1/4″ thick, the Happy Bottom Pool Padding acts as a vapor barrier to keep potentially harmful water away from metal components. In addition, liner failure due to puncture is minimized and heat retention is improved. A smooth, easy to clean bottom and reduced indentations are just a few of the benefits of using Happy Bottom Pool Pad.  The Happy Bottom Padding is taped together and sold in pool size.  Detailed instructions and how to install the Happy Bottom Pool Pad can be found here.


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