What’s the difference between blue and clear swimming pool solar covers?

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Swimming pool solar covers are plastic covers that you lay ontop of your swimming pool. These types of covers do not lay on the deck or wrap around the outside like a winter pool cover. Swimming pool covers allow sunlight to pass through and heat your pool water. The covers are made with hundreds or thousands of small bubbles that act as insulation.

Sunlight passes through the swimming pool solar blanket and heats the water. The bubbles help stop the heat from rising and the heated water from evaporating. The solar blankets are UV protected so the plastic will last for years under the hot sun. These covers are easily cut with a pair of scissors so you can trim to fit your pool if you have a free form pool.

A clear solar blanket is thicker and allows more sunlight to pass through and heat the swimming pool water. Clear swimming pool blankets are heavier than blue blankets, so you’ll need a high quality swimming pool solar reel to support the weight.

A blue swimming pool solar blanket is more opaque and not as thick as the clear swimming pool solar covers. Blue pool thermal blankets are more economical and about 8 mil thickness.

Above ground swimming pool solar covers come in a variety of sizes for round and oval swimming pools.

Inground swimming pool solar covers come in standard rectangular sizes and can be custom made for free form pools.

Clear swimming pool solar blanket


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