How Do You Install The Gorilla Pool Pad?

The Gorilla Pool Pad is a thin, white felt geotextile material that you place over your sand base and under your swimming pool liner. This product is very strong and tough to tear so it’s a great way to protect your swimming pool floor.

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The above ground pool padding is very easy to install. Just lay the Gorilla floor padding down over your sand base. Pull the pad to work out any wrinkles. Continue with your above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement.

The Gorilla Pool Pad is an inexpensive way to protect the bottom of your above ground swimming pool vinyl liner. The padding will help prevent rocks, roots, glass, nutgrass, etc. from coming up and puncturing your pool floor.

This type of felt pool padding is not really meant to give a cushion; the main purpose is to prevent punctures. The pad adds a layer of cushion, but is not a foam product like the Happy Bottom Pool Pad.

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