What is an above ground swimming pool chlorine generator?

People love the feeling of a saltwater sanitized swimming pool.  Saltwater pools have a softer feeling and don’t  have the “chlorine effects” like red eyes and the smell.

The Chlorease Saltwater Generator from Smartpool is an electric unit that you put into your swimming pool that generates chlorine.  After the inital cost of buying the unit, all you’ll need to buy is a little salt, greatly reducing the amount of chlorine you need to buy.

The Chlor Ease is placed underwater  and held in place under the toprail of your aboveground swimming pool.  The unit produces chlorine continuously and treats pools up to 18,000 gallons.

Saltwater chlorination is a process in which salt is electrically charged to produce chlorine.  This is commonly called a chlorine generator system. As water passes over the chlorinator’s specially coated plates, an electric current breaks down the salt and water into their basic elements to form hypochlorous acid, which is the active sanitizer in all forms of chlorine. The chlorine kills algae and bacteria in the water and oxidizes the waste. Thereafter, the chlorine regenerates itself back to salt and begins the process over again in a virtually unending cycle. Since salt does not evaporate, an occasional addition of salt is needed only to replace what is lost due to splash out, pump out, draining or backwashing.

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