RoboKleen Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Swimming Pools

The Robo Kleen from SmartPool is a popular automatic swimming pool cleaner. This cleaner is a robotic swimming pool cleaner. A robot pool cleaner is different than a suction side or pressure side cleaner for pools. Instead of attaching the cleaner into your suction line and using your pool pump to power the cleaner, the RoboKleen runs on electricity.

To operate the Robokleen, simply plug the power cord into a socket. Drop the pool cleaner into the water and the cleaner will use its internal computer to drive around your swimming pool. The cleaner has a filter bag inside of it that you can remove, clean, and reuse.

At, we have a video of the Robo Kleen that you can watch to see how simple this cleaner is.

When you’re ready to buy The RoboKleen robotic swimming pool cleaner for an above ground swimming pool, please visit our website.


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